That's what a weblog is to me (too)

Chez Mouche, réflexion sur le blog et citation d'un post de PlasticBag :

But while my weblog isn't any longer 'just' for me, it's definitely not just for an audience either. I use my weblog as a searchable archive - a repository of things that I've seen and read and that I thought were interesting, I use it to record thoughts that I think might be useful and that otherwise I'll forget. I use it as a notepad, as a chronicle. There's an interplay between trying to be fresh for other people and not really giving a damn about other people. I think this comes back to my understanding of a weblog as a representation of a person online - an avatar with a voice. A self-representation is about being both true to yourself and knowing how to self-edit in different circumstances. That's what a weblog is to me.

Tom Coates


C'est marrant ça... Moi, mon blog, c'est autre chose... Enfin, pour moi, quoi...

hervé @ mars 16, 2004 07:24 AM

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